First Chiropractor Added to SVSU Sports Medicine Staff

Dr. Dan Kehres will be joining the SVSU Sports Medicine Staff for 2015
Dr. Dan Kehres will be joining the SVSU Sports Medicine Staff for 2015

UNIVERSITY CENTER - Dr. Dan Kehres, D.C. Is experiencing his first day on a new campus all over again. This time it is in his new office within Saginaw Valley State University's athletic training facility.

For the first time in the school's history, a chiropractor will be part of the sports medicine staff.

“As a former college athlete myself, I'm very excited to work with these elite athletes,” Dr. Kehres said. “Reducing and preventing injuries, and working with them on nutrition can only improve their athletic performance.”

Head Athletic Trainer Jeremy Glaser says Dr. Kehres is a natural fit for SVSU.

“Dr. Kehres has worked with our student-athletes for the past few years out of his Saginaw office," stated Glaser. "Having him right here on campus will make it much more convenient for him to treat our student-athletes and work hand-in-hand with the SVSU athletic training staff.”

Many professional sports teams have chiropractors on staff. Jerry Rice, Dara Torres and Michael Jordan have all cited chiropractic care as a crucial part of their athletic performance.

Jeff Janis, SVSU alum and current Green Bay Packers wide receiver, was a former patient of Kehres Health & Chiropractic.

“Getting adjusted weekly, especially during football season, helped me perform to my maximum potential,” Janis said. “It was a huge help to make sure I stayed healthy and played my best.”

Through SVSU, student-athletes also have access to six certified athletic trainers, warm and cold whirlpools, ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation.

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